InterContinental Mzaar improves environmental footprint

InterContinental Mzaar goes green

As part of its social and environmental awareness, InterContinental Mzaar has decided to take steps to help reduce its impact on the environment and become more “green”.
Using energy saving lights, serving organic food and recycling are a few of the necessary steps taken. Another part of the hotel’s committed to green campaign aims to involve the InterContinental guests in saving energy and reducing waste, and  visitors who wish to take part can do so by simply hanging the “Committed to Green leaflet” found in their room on the doorknob.
Guests can support this initiative by turning off the lights and television when they leave their rooms, and taking other small yet important steps such as opening the windows more frequently to enjoy the resorts' fresh air instead of using the room’s air conditioner. The InterContinental Mzaar team welcomed any energy saving suggestions from guests.