Riviera Hotel gets a facelift throughout

One of the new rooms

BEIRUT’S Riviera Hotel has embarked on a full renovation programme including rooms, corridors, public areas and the facade with completion scheduled for February next year.

The facelift will be carried out on a floor-by-floor basis with the property remaining open throughout.

“The vision is to convert the Riviera into a luxury boutique hotel as previously seen in the Beach Lounge design,” said director of sales and marketing Rita Faddoul.

The new interiors have been conceived by German interior designer Markus Stebich, who made sure to preserve the grandeur of the Riviera Hotel combining it with contemporary lifestyle for  an outcome of redefined luxury and taste which will be welcomed by the hotel’s business and leisure clients.

“We are enhancing our vision of tomorrow with a blend of yesterday,” said Faddoul “and we believe the Riviera’s transformation will create a great buzz in Beirut.

“This year’s projections are very high and we are looking for more and more productive years in Beirut city. We are looking to target new markets and different clientele for the new renovated Riviera Hotel.”