‘Our vision is to be one of Arab world’s leading hospitality training providers’

Tapan Chatterjee, executive director and Dadabhai, managing director of BIHM

THE Baisan Institute of Hospitality Management (BIHM), a Dadabhai Group company, was established in 1999 to meet the demand for hospitality professionals by offering relevant and internationally recognised qualifications of the highest standards.

BIHM’s prime objective was to understand and cater to the hospitality and tourism industry manpower requirements; from service level staff to management cadres. BIHM is committed to meet the needs of the tourism and hospitality industry by providing highly trained professionals with a right attitude and personal qualities necessary to deliver the highest standard of service with professional competence and personal integrity.
Qutub Dadabhai, managing director, says, “In the last seven years of operations, we have grown from a small training centre to a large institute and have spread outside Bahrain too. BIHM is now fully operational in Kuwait and Dammam in Saudi Arabia and will soon begin operations in Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Amman in Jordan and Khartoum in Sudan. BIHM has so far successfully trained and placed over 3500 students.”
BIHM has judiciously invested substantial time and resources in creating an education system which epitomises the inherent quality and excellence for international qualifications. BIHM is the official licensee of the Educational Institute of American Hotel & Lodging Association (EI-AH&LA), Orlando, USA which is the world’s largest education provider with its programmes running in over 1800 colleges in 150 countries. BIHM has also associated itself with IATA and UFTAA for its travel and tourism diploma programmes. This enables students to obtain training and certification of international standards.
In order to cater to the Arab world, BIHM has also obtained worldwide rights for Arabic translation, publication and distribution of AH&LA programmes. These also enable BIHM to train Arabs for employment skills required in the hospitality and tourism industry at all the levels. With the recent surge in the localisation, undertaken by various governments, BIHM envisage tremendous potential in hospitality, tourism and retail sector.
BIHM has the distinction of becoming the first educational institute in Bahrain to be ISO-certified, in the year 2003. In order to ensure sustainable quality environment in all its operations, BIHM has set up Advisory Committees for monitoring the quality assurance. The committees include reputed practicing managers, training specialists and experts. Dadabhai adds, “Our vision is to be one of Arab world’s leading hospitality training providers and have concrete and immediate plans to enter other countries, such as Egypt, UAE, India, Bangladesh and Libya.”
BIHM’s expansion efforts have been further strengthened by its recent agreement with a Swiss hotel school to introduce a Diploma program in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Dadabhai explains, “It will be a two-year programme whereby students will have a number of options to pursue additional academic and training programs. This includes a six-month Higher Diploma in Hotel Management in which students can opt for an additional graduate course of study at a British University.”