Lebanon promotes health tourism


“Lebanon is quickly establishing a niche for itself in the health tourism market thanks to the abundance of highly qualified doctors and cheaper rates that patients are looking for,” said Dr Fawzi Adaimi, president of the Arab Hospitals Federation, who also helped in the establishment of health tourism in Lebanon in the year 2000.

With over 140 years of medical excellence and more than 11,000 qualified doctors that provide assessment and evaluation of patient’s risks for disease, Arab and European patients can now head to Lebanon for all the care they need to stay fit and healthy. Doctors in Lebanon can predict and treat some age related diseases years before patients experience any symptoms. It doesn’t matter where you are in Lebanon, the right package will be readily made for you in addition to tailormade prices for hospitals and hotels along with a very nice vacation to make your stay worth while.
“We have a developed system where we help the client get a visa, meet him at the airport, take him to the hospital and book a hotel for his family,” said Adaimi. A multitude of treatment packages are also available. Plastic surgery is a big hit in Lebanon and a wide range of reconstructive and plastic surgery packages are available for men and women to choose from.
Infertility clinics, such as the Next Generation Fertility Centre, offer diagnostic and therapeutic services to couples desiring parenthood. Renowned physicians, embryologists and technicians from the US and the UK have directed and offered scientific and technical advice to a multitude of IVF centres in Lebanon. The clinic operates under stringent quality control criteria while maintaining pregnancy rates comparable to those achieved in leading centres around the world, but at a fraction of the cost.
It is predicted that Lebanon will soon be the next destination for health tourism where patients can benefit from excellent medical treatment at affordable prices while enjoying the beauty, scenery and climate of the country.

By Raghda Mugharbil