FS Baltimore focuses on GCC

A comfortable room in Four Seasons Baltimore, just a few paces away from medical centres of repute

The Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore recently celebrated World Wellness Day on June 2 with many complimentary health services for in-house guests. TTN spoke to the hotel’s general manager Julien Carralero about the rising interest from Middle East patrons.

Visitors from the Middle East have been important since the hotel opened three years ago, says the general manager. While the volume of guests from the GCC made up around a sixth of the total, GCC patrons accounted for between 25 to 26 per cent of the hotel’s revenue.

The main draw from GCC patrons, according to Carralero, is Baltimore’s extensive and advanced medical offerings. The hotel’s convenient location coupled with special facilities for those looking to get a medical treatment in the neighbourhood, make it the perfect stopover. The hotel has, in the past, gone out of its way to please guests: from securing a certain car model in a certain colour to assigning dedicated Four Seasons staff on trips to medical facilities.

Baltimore is a lot more than just medical facilities – it has lots to keep family busy and entertained. Throughout American history, Baltimore has remained a strategic connection between the country’s railroads and sea routes, attracting all manner of traders, entrepreneurs and fortune seekers. Today, with Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore at its heart, the Harbor East neighbourhood is a new kind of meeting place, where long-time locals, newcomers and visitors to the city gather to shop, dine together, browse its galleries and live on the shores of the Port of Baltimore.  

“There’s a very strong identity that sets this city apart from its neighbours,” says Carralero. “Baltimore may not have the cultural reputation of New York or Washington DC, but it has distinct charms and its own identity. Its citizens are genuine and very proud of their city and its history.”

“The pace of business is a bit more leisurely here than elsewhere, as Baltimoreans like to take time to interact. That’s something to value in today’s fast-paced world. Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore will become a favourite place to gather, not only for our out-of-town guests, but also for the local community.”

The property will soon have 50 new condos, which are expected to be completed within the coming months.