Azerbaijan's famous oil eases ailments

The Galaalti Resort is just one and half hours from Baku

Azerbaijan is a popular tourism destination with millions visiting each year to experience the country’s untouched nature, unspoiled beaches, rich history, diverse culture and delicious cuisine. It is known in particular for its stunning natural beauty, sublime beaches, and Unesco World Heritage sites. Visitors may indulge in many other activities when visiting the country for medical treatment.

The country in the Caucasus also offers a unique medical proposition with its white Naftalan white oil, renowned for its curative properties. Nafthalan oil is a viscous liquid brown-golden in colour with a characteristic odour. It is used extensively in treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, gynaecological and urological diseases, and is known to relieve inflammation, reduce pain, improve blood circulation and boost metabolic processes in the body.

Azerbaijan has been operating resorts that specialise in treatment with Naftalan oil since 1926. Patients from all over the Soviet Union were treated in these resorts, and during the Soviet era, Azerbaijan’s Nafthalan City was a favourite spot for the elite.

Today, the city and the treatments have become an integral part of Azerbaijan's cultural heritage and are being revitalised for the modern era. Several health resorts in the country now apply the latest methods of treatment like Deresined Naftalan, Naftalanovaja factions and hydrocarbons in combination with heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Health facilities (both private and trade unions) have a whole range of treatments that are selected and appointed by the individual after a detailed examination. The therapeutic process includes taking Naftalan baths, sunbathing and other different physiotherapeutic procedures.

These facilities include: The Naftalan Garabag Hotel and Spa Resort just four hours’ drive from Baku City, providing treatment in maximum comfort, while giving modern functional diagnostics, clinical diagnostic and operates biochemical laboratories. The Shahdag Spa Resort, is one of the biggest spas in the country, just three hours from capital Baku, and is located in the picturesque and calm place in the mountains. The Shahdag Spa Resort is found inside the Shahdag Mountain Resort and is designed for relaxation, renewal and rejuvenation treatments that include detox treatments. The Galaalti Resort – just one and half hours from the capital has unique equipment that offers various health programmes to improve a condition and increase life expectancy. It offers various specialist treatments such as domestic balneology and physiotherapy combined with gastroenterology, anti-stress, urology, gynaecology and cosmetology.

Each of these centres has a stand-alone medical complex and operates on an all-inclusive system offering various treatments and comfortable rooms, cosy restaurants and bars with a wide selection of food and drinks, indoor pools, bath and spa complexes, and leisure activities and entertainment.

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