Cairo Marriott Hotel getting refurbished

Sample rooms at the hotel ... new look

THE Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino is set to rank among the largest and most luxurious properties in the Middle East with all 1,250 of its rooms being reconditioned for the first time to maintain the Marriott International standard and specification.

Specific colour schemes that hark back to the 1982 opening of the hotel have been chosen, so each guest room category will have its own individual panache, the entirety being exquisitely decorated in rich colors and opulent designs that complete the imperial luxury of the Cairo Marriott Hotel.
Sample rooms have been implemented in the last three months, which represent the different types of rooms being the standard double room, king bed room, executive suite, and corporate suite.
The hotel is currently in the stage of setting technical specifications, logistics, time scheduling, and bidding amongst multinational corporations eager to participate in this massive endeavor, which will begin in January 2005.
The redesigned rooms will be environmentally friendly, conserving water and energy as well as being outfitted with double glazing and sound-proof windows. Air-conditioning power will also be upgraded and the new rooms will be equipped with additional telephone lines, high-speed internet, and more than 60 satellite channels to ensure that every guest remains globally connected.
Marriott International has taken the liberty of assigning prominent Portuguese architects and engineers Antonio Del Moral to decorate the new and improved Marriott rooms. Furniture, accessories, and decorative units will all be manufactured in Italy and Belgium. It will cost $30 million to enrich the rooms from top to bottom.
The Cairo Marriott guarantees the most attractive of designs backed up by EGOTH, which owns the hotel and aspires to the standards in the Egyptian market. General Nabil Selim, the chairman, is exerting exceptional effort to make this project a smashing success.
“Already, we are one of the most preferred hotels in Cairo and once we have completed our renovation, I am sure we will attract even more guests,” said Areej Mohi El Din, director of marketing and communication at the hotel.