Finding Sanctuary in Mauritius


Providing luxurious relaxation in unobtrusive surroundings is the heart and soul of the Mauritius destination spas. 

Many of the resort spas have achieved note-worthy international recognition and seem to vie to outdo each other in degree of luxury and in their extent of available services and treatments. 
One of these is The Sanctuary Spa at The Residence Mauritius voted as one of the top spas in the world by Cosmopolitan (France) and one of the top 20 by Vogue (Germany). 
The Residence is situated on a picture perfect white-sand beach on the east coast of Mauritius. Immensely spacious architecture, splendid rooms und suites, exquisite cuisine, a large pool area and a beautiful garden conjure up a wonderfully evocative spirit of days gone by. But while the Residence revives the magic of Mauritius’ legendary colonial period, this is a thoroughly luxurious, up-to-date property at the heart of this gem in the Indian Ocean.

Leaving behind this elegant resort one enters the tranquil domain of The Sanctuary Spa. A place where sensations are stimulated and indulged with therapies and techniques designed to pamper, repair and relax.

Low lighting, running water and the scent of ylang-ylang announce the spa which is situated on the hotel’s lower ground floor. A secluded area delightfully named Serenity sets the mood with giant floor cushions for guests to recline and relax while waiting for treatments.

There are six large and airy treatment rooms. A seventh room is hidden in the gardens overlooking the lagoon for those who want their massage accompanied by a sea breeze. Two rooms are set aside specifically for facials.

The Sanctuary Spa employs the Zen philosophy using the Swiss La Prairie line of de-aging treatments, Shiatsu massage and French effleurage. Their age-fighting products deliver nutrients essential to the health, vitality, and overall appearance of the skin. Each one helps you manage the problems of premature aging, environmental hazards, and the stress of contemporary life.

There are a wide range of treatments from cellular treatments, massage, reflexology and exfoliation to caviar body treatments and lymphatic drainage. The Sanctuary Spa also offers mediation and Tai Chi to complete the mind body experience.

The holistic concept of health, beauty, relaxation and spirit-soothing therapies set in the idyllic surroundings of this island can erase stresses, releasing the inner serenity of complete satisfaction.