Walk for water charity


Just a Drop, the international water aid charity, has come up with a novel scheme whereby weary WTM attendees can at least fuel charity coffers rather than go home simply sore footed.
The charity is asking World Travel Market delegates to purchase a ‘Just a Drop’ pedometer for £10(£10 for 10 years) to use throughout the exhibition and encourage participants to sign-up for further funding to sponsor the exact number of kilometres they will walk during the course of a busy WTM week.
'When visiting stands in all the regions of the world, people often wonder just how far they have walked at World Travel Market,” said Just a Drop’s founder and chairman Fiona Jeffery. “Now it will be easy to check how many kilometres they clock up with one of the Just a Drop pedometers.”
“The beauty of the idea is that we are not asking delegates to do anything more than they usually do. Now delegates can walk around ExCeL, London and at the same time help give the gift of clean water to a child.”
Log on to to purchase a pedometer.
Just a Drop reaches many communities living in remote areas that other charities are unable to help according to Jeffery.
“We are anxious to find more industry organisations that will commit to sponsoring a specific project. Working with Just a Drop can offer real business benefits, helping companies to find a solution that delivers strategic objectives,” she said.
“We are finding that more companies are beginning to use ‘Just a Drop’ as a core element of their corporate social policy, and in addition, it engages customers and suppliers, helps to bolster staff morale and encourage team achievement.”
The ‘Just a Drop’ team is appealing for sponsorship for an average protected well costing approximately £7,500, and other fund raising ideas are welcomed.