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Abu Dhabi marketed on London taxis
The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority is promoting the UAE capital city on 100 London taxis, in a bid to reach British tourists.

The taxis bear different images of Abu Dhabi that highlight the emirate’s varied tourism offerings as well as the UAE’s rich cultural heritage. Images include a representation of a model UAE family in traditional costumes and a spectacular view of the Emirates Palace.

Biggest mosque for Ramadan opening
Ramadan will see the opening of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Set to be the largest mosque in the UAE, it has taken 12 years to build at an estimated cost of Dh2.167 billion ($590 million).
It is considered one of the 10 largest mosques in the world. With a capacity to accommodate 40,000 worshippers, it features the world’s largest chandelier, 10 metres in diameter and 15 metres tall, and a carpet thought to be one of the world’s largest with an area of 5,627sqm.

ADTA to launch hotel guide this month
The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority is to launch a hotel classification guidebook this month, following a recent workshop by the Classification Department of ADTA, which was attended by the managers of 46 hotels in the capital city. The workshop discussed several issues pertaining to the tourism sector including hotel classification. The Department has decided to hold another workshop for key personnel in the hospitality sector of the emirate shortly to discuss various issues. The new guidebook has been designed to conform to the international norms while considering local and regional realities.

French agency to monitor new Louvre
The French Museums Agency, represented by some of the most prominent cultural personalities in France, has been formed to steer the development of the planned Louvre Abu Dhabi. The agency will collaborate with the Tourism Development & Investment Company and will be chaired by leading French financier and member of the country’s Academie des Beaux Arts, Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, with Bruno Maquart, the former executive director of Centre Pompidou acting as executive director.