Saudi car rentals hit $690m


The chairman of Arabian Hala Group, Suleiman Al Saleh, said that the volume of the car rental market in Saudi Arabia has surpassed $690 million in 2006, Arab News reported.

The chairman, whose company won a title for the best car rental company in the Middle East, said that the economic reform plans carried out in the KSA are promoting tourism and related businesses such as car rental.
Arabian Hala, the exclusive agent of Avis Middle East, has more than 35 branches in the kingdom that operate a fleet of over 5,500 vehicles in different sizes.
The paper quoted Al Saleh as saying the firm expects to open two new branches each in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. He said the opening of these branches would help to fulfill clients’ needs,  “as we have also opened a VIP branch in the Eastern Province and another in Riyadh.