Small aircraft, privatisation focus

Brand: Royal Jordanian Spokesman: Samer Majali, president & CEO

Outlook 2006
Though ambitious, we are trying to become an airline that, despite its small/ medium size, is able to dominate the Middle East and link comprehensively the region both to itself and to the world especially since our competitors in the gulf continue to invest in enormous fleets and European carriers become more efficient every week.

In the year 2006, daily flights will increase by 35 per cent with direct flights to most Gulf countries and Europe. As of the summer of next year, an increase in daily and weekly flights in varying percentages to selected destinations as of the summer will take place.
Three daily flights will be set to Beirut and two daily flights to Aqaba, Cairo and Baghdad. One daily trip will be assigned to Damascus, Aleppo, London, Kuwait, Sharm El Sheikh, while nine trips per week will be heading to Dubai, and 12 trips per week to the US.
RJ is almost 50 per cent bigger than it was in 2001, financially more solid and now consistently profitable.

Regional focus
Our new plan also includes focusing on regional operations by increasing the number of daily flights to Arab and Middle Eastern countries. We are also increasing the number of our 70-seat regional aircraft (small sized planes which we use for regional flights) and are planning to add seven new (70 seat) Canadian and Brazillian manufactured aircrafts starting September 2006. 
The increased number of the 70- seat aircrafts coincides with RJ’s alliance with One World, due to materialize by the mid of this year. These craft will increase the frequency of flights to regional destinations, which in turn will feed into international destinations.
We are also hoping that Royal Jordanian will be privatized this year; something we very much welcome and are trying hard to be as ready as possible to maximize the value to our shareholders as well as that of the people of Jordan.

For the consumer
As we have already welcomed two Airbus 320s to RJ, passengers can expect to board planes that are fully equipped with many new facilities which include a better communication facility during the flight, a separate TV for each seat with a list of movies and programmes to chose from, and a new and advanced frequent flyer programme.
We have also decided to invest in new integrated systems starting with passenger inventory, departure control, revenue accounting and pricing and revenue management in addition to a new frequent flyer system.