The Oberoi, Mauritius spells class


The Oberoi, Mauritius is in a class of its own… even for the sophisticated traveller who has experienced many continents and peoples, there is no other comparison to this unique sanctuary of harmony and relaxation.

From the moment guests step into the graceful alcove of the Sunset Pavilion, the villas and pavilions of the resort emerge like little temples in the middle of a luxuriant sub-tropical garden. The walls of the rooms are a natural rustic terracotta colour, the perfect blend for the surrounding green foliage and exotic flowers of the island. The artful, almost crafty, integration of villas and pavilions in this breath-taking sanctuary is such that it takes a while before guests can discern where the sugar-cane thatched buildings end and where nature begins as they appear to be like one homogenous body of light and colour.
The Oberoi, Mauritius is built paying homage to the African and Asian ancestry of the Mauritian people: at the same time a Balinese temple and an African Kraal, it is like an untouched haven protected from the stress and speed of modern civilisation. Beautiful stone sculptures from Indonesia gazing contentedly at delicate African artifacts across the reception lobby reflect the same peaceful co-existence among the multi-cultural people of Mauritius. A sense of perfect balance and harmony is experienced in symbiosis with the wonderful way African and Asian elements have been carefully amalgamated, enriching each other like yin and yang.  
Only natural elements are used to create this dreamscape at The Oberoi, Mauritius, in particular at The Oberoi Spa by Banyan Tree. The gentle sounds of water running in the pond or the lazy swaying of leaves in the foliage in the open-air Spa Suite are in tune with the healing hands of the Spa therapists. No products other than the ones derived from nature are used. It is no wonder that the Spa was voted “Best Spa of the World” by the Spa specialists of the European Spa Academy. Everything will slip from your body, mind and spirit, as the therapists carry you to an exclusive place of total forgetfulness and selflessness, they promise. Not surprising then that some people call it “nirvana”.