Treats galore at Al Diar Siji


A SUMPTUOUS season of Ramadan awaits guests at Al Diar Siji Hotel, Fujairah.

While the other nightspots and fun destinations are closed for this season, Al Diwan Restaurant and Al Shourfa Oriental Open-Air Cafe throw its doors open with a whole parade of events and surprises. To begin with, Al Diwan and Al Shourfa are dressed up in authentic Arab garb with touches of Oriental magic like the ubiquitous lanterns which throw its enchanting shadows on guests.
Al Diwan’s interiors replicates the feel and look of Ramadan with authentic costumes and decors that ruminate traditional Arabic culture. The daily Iftar Buffet at Al Diwan offers a wide, sumptuous selection food.
The other centre of action is Al Shourfa Oriental Open-Air Cafe which is open from the early hours of the evening until the wee hours of the morning. With daily Raffle Draw wherein for every Dh50 a guest spends, he or she gets a chance to win complimentary Iftar Buffet at Al Diwan restaurant. For guests with big appetites, they can make a beeline into the sumptuous shawarma, falafel and Ramadan juice station. Over at the Sisha Corner, guests may choose to indulge in a variety of flavours – from banana and fakhfakhina.