Bahrain has strong links within MICE sector

DEAN WILLIAMS spoke to Carol Melrose, managing director, Contact Communications incorporating Mice Management, Bahrain, on the Kingdom’s efforts to boost the sector

How is Bahrain promoting the MICE market as compared to the rest of the region?

Bahrain has very strong links within the MICE sector and all MICE magazines in Europe and Asia. The appeal of the Kingdom is very strong because of its excellent five-star hotel facilities as well as the easy access to visitors coming from Asia, Europe and other GCC countries. The directorate of tourism, travel agents and hoteliers all recognise the value of receiving MICE visitors and make every effort to attract them to Bahrain.

What can the government do to further promote the sector?
The government could create a central travel inquiry bureau for the business sector and work with the Ministry of Commerce and the corporate sector to put resources in order to maximise the return of publicity.
What role does your company play in the promotion of the sector?
MICE Management’s role is to be available to offer event management and on-the-ground support for events coming in, such as the work we are doing now to organise the 11th International Arab Aluminium Conference – Arabal 2004, to be held in the Ritz Carlton. This event runs from April 19 to 21, 2004, and has greatly benefited by a local events management company being involved. We have also been able to offer support to many companies coming in for the Grand Prix, such drivers, hostesses, uniforms, etc.