Yemen makes an impact


TTN's Kim Thomson spoke with Adbul Malik A. Al Eryani, the Minister of Tourism and Environment for the Republic of Yemen at the ITB.


Q. Yemen participated with one of the Middle East's largest stand at ITB this year ? Why?

A. Germany is a major part of Yemen's Tourism Market. Germans enjoy the rich culture and eco-tourism Yemen has to offer.

Q. Yemen suffered due to attacks and kidnapping of tourists few years back? How is Yemen overcoming this?

A. It has been six years since any foreigners have been attacked in Yemen. The Government has undertaken major security measures to ensure the country is a safe place. We are also investing in marketing campaigns and continuing our presence at all the major trade shows to increase awareness and highlight the many splendours Yemen has to offer. That is what makes Yemen a unique destination!

Q. What percentage of the GDP does tourism bring into Yemen?

A. Although tourism represents only five per cent, it provides a major role in the employment of the national population.