Now that's R'n'R North

North Queensland is known as Australia's adventure capital, and is marketed as such.

Queensland's adventure specialists, R'n'R Whitewater Rafting and Frankland Islands Cruise and Dive have launched a range of adrenalin-charged touring packages under the new brand name, 'R2 - The Power of Adventure'.

According to managing director, Ron Cusick, R2 is a unique marketing concept designed to offer visitors the ultimate in adventure travel. "R2 gives clients an incentive to pre-book their adventure travel. It also has expanded the existing product base to offer a complementary and comprehensive range of adrenalin-charged tours."

Tourism Tropical North Queensland chief executive, Bill Calderwood said the new packages underline the region's ability to deliver premier adventure experiences. "This region is know n as Australia's adventure capital; a fact which is emphasised when a company can package so many experiences under one banner. The R2 packages provide a great opportunity to showcase the region to consumers and highlights how the region's adventure products work together to deliver quality experiences."

In addition to the Adrenalin Missions, R2 also features a range of value-added touring products which include R2 Introductory Dives, Bonus Photo CDs and DVDs.