Reeling in guests hook, line and sinker

Fishing at Nam Hai Resort & Spa

For guests who want to learn more about preparing a gourmet meal with executive chef Kath Townsend, The Nam Hai Resort & Spa in Central Vietnam offers them the opportunity to explore the culinary offerings of the Central Coast region througha fishing programme. Its “Day with a Local Fisherman” programme starts with fishing guide Khoa Tran, who leads guests on excursions to score their own seafood and a chance to wade into a true Vietnamese cultural experience.
“The waters of this section of the South China Sea are some of the best in the world for snapper, grouper and king prawn,” said Townsend, who is happy to cook up whatever catch guests bring back to the property. “Having that kind of access makes it easy to create dishes that are fresher, healthier and tastier. This activity takes it all one step further.”
Under the guidance of Tran, who has been leading groups fishing for many years, participants will learn how to spread a traditional Vietnamese fishing net into an effective circle, lift it out of the water, and maneuver the thung chai—a little round bamboo basket boat Vietnamese fishermen have employed for centuries to ply their trade.
The fishing concept is a reflection of The Nam Hai’s commitment to authenticity, evident in everything from the garden-house architecture to the spa’s lotus pond. It is also a nod to the ancient port town of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site just 10 minutes south of the resort.
The “Day with a Local Fisherman” experience consists of four hours of offshore activity and a picnic lunch followed by the chance to prepare the catch with Townsend, who trained under acclaimed cookbook author Bill Granger. Guests receive the adoration of fellow guests, the potential respect of the kitchen staff and a chance to experience a bit of Vietnamese history.
Located on 35 hectares of beachfront property just 20 minutes from Danang’s international airport, The Nam Hai features 100 ultra-luxurious villas, all with oceans views. Reservations can be made with The Nam Hai at (0510) 940.000 or via or see