Cyprus receiving more visitors from Bahrain

Cultural attractions

CYPRUS saw a healthy increase in the number of Bahrani visitors to its shores in 2007, accounting for a 28 per cent annual growth over 2006.
In addition, during the first quarter of 2008 there was also a remarkable growth in terms of visitor’s arrival numbers, with a record high of 100 per cent increase over last year in the same period, according to Vassilis Theocharides director, Middle East and Arabian Gulf office, Cyprus Tourism Organisation
Direct air connectivity to Cyprus by Cyprus Airways and Gulf Air out of Bahrain has influence the holiday makers and business travellers to reach the Middle Eastern closest European destination with a complete sense of comfort and safety.
“Cyprus is entering a very exciting phase of growth and development in tourism and we’re delighted that the Middle East has started its valuable contribution,” said Theocharides.
He said that Cyprus was an island of amazing diversity, famous for its legends and history, its timeless traditions, delightful cuisine and stunning scenery. Its cosmopolitan towns and resorts offer a lifestyle as sophisticated as that of any other modern European city.
Diversity and respect of all faiths which are pillars of the republic had resulted in a scheme undertaken to invest $550,798 in the restoration of the islands mosques, including the all important and impressive Hala Sultan mosque in Larnaca which was completed recently. Currently there are 17 restored mosques of which four are in use by the country’s Muslims.
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation is a government agency for one of Cyprus key service sectors, that of tourism. The mission of the organisation is to develop and champion tourism, so as to build the sector into a key driver of economic growth for Cyprus in partnership with the trade industry.