Kayala re-launches Jeddah to Dubai routes


Kayala Airlines will be rebranding progressively during this year as well as relaunching its Jeddah-Dubai route, which will operate five times a week, according to Ed Winter, CEO of National Air Services, the parent group of the airline.

The first privately operated scheduled airline service in KSA, Winter reiterated the airline's commitment to provide a strong business product on its current network of internal KSA routes and those between KSA and Dubai.
“Business travel in the region is highly competitive. Customer expectations are becoming increasingly demanding and so Kayala, like many of its competitors is continually looking for USP’s to be the preferred choice for premium cabin customers.
“Kayala is positioned as a business class product at business class fares with a twist. One of the many unique advantages, particularly relevant in both Jeddah and Riyadh is that a private terminal is used, making the airport experience on arrival or departure both fast and personalised. On arrival, you can be off the plane, through customs and immigration and on your way within minutes,” he said.
Kayala currently operates five non stop flights a week between Dubai and Riyadh, five weekly between Dubai andJeddah and 12 per week between Jeddah and Riyadh. More information can be found at