Rotana’s first managed property in Saudi Arabia


ROTANA and Jiwar Real Estate Management & Marketing Company based in Riyadh announced an alliance at ATM.

An agreement was made for the Jiwar company, the marketing arm of Binladen Group in Saudi Arabia, to manage and provide hotel services to Marwah Tower in Mecca, which will be opened by the end of the year.
Rayhaan-Al Marwa Hotel, which is managed by Rotana and is part of Al Bayt Towers complex, will provide state-of-the-art, five star service and will include more than 1,000 rooms and suites in addition to restaurants and highly sophisticated facilities for holding conferences and other occasions.
The hotel will also welcome pilgrims and guests from around the world, providing them with a variety of facilities and choices that meet their needs. The hotel includes 27 elevators which guarantee the fast and comfortable movement of guests keen to meet the prayer’s call.
“We are honoured to win the confidence of owners of Al Marwa Tower units - to invest in them, manage and provide hotel services - which culminates our long relationship with our investors,” said Dr Saleh bin Abdullah Al Habib, CEO of Jiwar Real Estate Management & Marketing Company, which owns the right the operate Al Marwa Tower.
“We are very pleased to be working with the Emirati based Rotana Hotel Management Corporation, which is a leader in the hospitality industry known for its Arabian hospitality with an international spirit.”
Rayhaan Al Marwa property is situated on the right side of Al Bayt Towers project facing King Abdul Aziz Gate. Major units of the tower have an overview of the Holy Mosque and the Ka’aba. Rayhaan Al Marwa units were designed as studios, ideal for both customers and investors.
The new hotel constitutes the core of the Al Bayt Towers complex, which is the one of the latest ongoing projects in Saudi Arabia, and is part of King Abdul Aziz Endowment (Waqf), which is aimed at developing the areas surrounding the Holy Mosque in Mecca. The project is comprised of seven towers which will be built on an area of 6.15 million sq m.
Nasser Al Nowais, chairman of Rotana Hotel Management Corporation, welcomed the signing of the agreement. “The essence of Rotana is the diversity in the products and genuine Arabic hospitality. Our partnership with Jiwar Real Estate Management & Marketing Company and Binladen Group in Saudi Arabia will enhance our distinctiveness and our longstanding services.
“Rayhaan Al Marwa Hotel is part of our strategic vision to be present in key cities within the Middle East,” said Al Nowais.
Dr. Mashhour Al Madoudi, head of Jiwar’s Executive Council said, “We are anticipating a fruitful alliance and wish Rotana a successful experience in Saudi Arabia, and especially in the best spot in the world, Makkah, and we are fully confident that this project will be landmark in the region.”
Selim El Zyr, president & CEO of Rotana, praised the partnership between Jiwar Real Estate Management & Marketing Company Binladen Group in Saudi Arabia. “We are proud to manage this unique property as our first entrance to Saudi Arabia, under Rotana’s new brand which we have recently launched. Our team is very excited about this unique opportunity to expand into Saudi Arabia. We are certain that we will be able to introduce new standards in the tourism sector in Makkah.”