Emaar shows off its capabilities


Emaar Hospitality Group already has a portfolio of hospitality and leisure project assets of over US$1 billion as of mid-2007, and completed asset value of over AED 2 billion (US$545 million).

Marc Dardenne, chief executive officer, Emaar Hospitality Group, finds that AHIC highlights the vast investment opportunities in the regional hospitality sector, and for Emaar it is an ideal platform to show their capabilities to international industry experts.
“The Gulf region is one of the fastest-growing in the global hospitality industry, and the exhibition opens doors to the opportunities offered here. It is a sounding board for making investment options as well as to offer investment opportunities to a global audience. A steady and streamlined investment flow is important to sustain the boom-time growth of the hospitality sector, and AHIC drives this objective.”
For new entrants in the Arabian market, Dardenne believes the single most important challenge is to understand, appreciate and suit their product to match the high standards of hospitality, which is ingrained in the Arabian culture. “This means delivering high levels of service excellence and adapting a personalized approach to meet and exceed customer expectations.”
Emaar’s expansion into hospitality is in line with its Vision 2010 to become one of the most valuable companies in the world through geographic expansion and business segmentation. Today, Emaar Hospitality Group owns and manages a diversified portfolio of hospitality assets such as hotels, serviced residences, golf resorts, polo and equestrian club, recreation clubs, and the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and Marinas.