Timeshare: all can have a piece of the pie


Regarding the recent Vacation Ownership Investment Conference (VOIC) held in Dubai, Al Mohannad Sharafuddin from Arabian Falcon Holidays said,” Major industry heavyweights attended and showed interest in exploring this market.

My take on all this is very positive since the entrance of all these heavyweight will only add credibility to our industry in Dubai and help us stay alert to better our self and continue to improve and have a healthy competitive environment. “The pie is grand and there is room for all to have a piece of it hence we see a bright and prosperous future for all.”
Did he believe vacational ownership is to be ‘the next big thing’ in Dubai? “I am not sure about Vacation Ownership being the ‘next big thing in Dubai’ as we all know that there seems to be ‘next big things’ on a weekly basis in Dubai. However, I believe that the positive response to VOIC was based on the fact that there were attendees from a number of organisations both from within and outside Dubai who were seriously considering Vacation Ownership Resort investment in Dubai,” said Sharafuddin.
“I believe that serious players in the tourist accommodation infrastructure of Dubai now recognise that, just as the development of Vacation Ownership Resorts have proved to be a significant supporting factor in successful large scale accommodation developments in other top tourist and recreation locations worldwide, they believe the same model can be applied in Dubai.”