Aridi’s multinational team aiding travel industry


GHASSAN Aridi & Associates - Marta Consulting is an established and influential Dubai based destination and tourism consultancy company built on over 26 years of tourism and development experience.

Led by Ghassan Aridi, chairman of the company, GAA-Marta Consulting was launched through demand with the view of providing high quality and experienced consultancy services to destinations and/or tourism projects with the potential to thrive from the International, Middle East and Gulf market.
After successfully establishing internationally acclaimed travel, tourism and destination management companies, chairman Aridi then proceeded with the establishment of the consultancy, a natural progression.
The company’s extensive multinational team, with years of experience in travel management, destination investment, development, marketing, growth and PR, together with a worldwide network of associates, partners, distribution channels and joint ventures enables the company to be at the forefront of the international travel and tourism development industry.
Services to the industry include: development and marketing of various tourism destinations, infrastructures, facilities and products, worldwide accommodation, destination brand creation and awareness, regional and international market analysis of emerging areas, hotel planning and start up, sourcing of potential investors, sourcing, development and marketing of meetings.
The company also provides incentives, meetings and conference  facilities and business, identifying, negotiating and securing tourism partners which offer advantage to the project, airline route analysis and airline start up and customer service development and training.