Rotana takes on a new identity


Rotana recently announced its new brand structure that includes two new offerings to complement its existing portfolio - Arjaan by Rotana and Rayhaan by Rotana - alcohol free hotels and resorts and all suite properties.

“With a commitment to open over 60 properties by 2012, Rotana is set to continue to deliver on its promise to owners and partners, colleagues and guests,” says Nasser Al Nowais, chairman of Rotana.
Rotana’s brand revitalising was essential to ensure differentiation between the various products.  The name Arjaan was the arm of the company formerly known as Rotana Suites, and Arjaan properties will be first-class spacious hotel apartments with a personal touch, developed with both long term guests and families in mind.
Rayhaan, an Arabic name that refers to an aromatic plant mentioned in the Quran, is their alcohol free option.
The division formerly entitled Rotana Hotels, Suites & Resorts will now operate under the name Rotana Hotels & Resorts.
Freddy Farid, area vice president for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain said, “This rebranding will enforce our strength in terms of the existing hotels and resorts and the suites operations. The suites operations will now be integrated with the hotels – through our new Rehaan and Arjaan brand. I think it’s always good for existing operations to come up with a new identity.”
The group will continue to operate four and five star hotels. They are also working towards the opening of 25 Centro properties across the Middle East by 2014. “This brand is a budget hotel and will be tailored to a certain kind of client who is specifically looking for limited service accommodation,” said Farid.
Further plans include the opening of 10 new hotels in Abu Dhabi. “We are expecting to add over 2,500 rooms only within Abu Dhabi, with new properties on the Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Reem Island and even within the city.  And they will all be different hotels, serving to different markets. This new branding has helped us open doors to different categories of guests. 
There is currently over 32 new hotels in the making all over the GCC, and within UAE we have the highest contingency.”
Rotana as a brand has worked together with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, and, said Farid, its strength lies in “understanding the local culture and integrating that with the actual market. This has opened up more opportunities for us, because we understand in totality how people can operate and then we plan accordingly our growth.”