BA to resume Concorde flights

The Concorde ... back in the air again.

British Airways pledged its support for New York with the announcement that Concorde flights will resume across the Atlantic on November 7.

A spokesman said the airline would begin operations with an initial six times a week service between London Heathrow and New York JFK.

Flight BA001 will depart London Heath-row at 10.30am local time and arrive in New York at 9.25am local time.

The return flight, BA002, will leave New York at 12.15pm local time and arrive at Heathrow at 9.10pm. Flights to and from New York will operate every day except Saturday.

"We are delighted to be returning Concorde to the skies and back into New York," British Airways' chief executive Rod Eddington said.

"We hope Concorde's return will play a major part in rebuilding confidence in New York and demonstrating that it is business as usual between the UK and the US," he said.

New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who welcomed the Biritish Airwasys announ-cement, said Concorde's return "is symbolic of how all New Yorkers feel about rebuilding this great city."