Jazeera plans three ME hubs by 2010

Brand: Jazeera Airways Spokesperson: Marwan Boodai, chairman and CEO

How has 2007 fared for Jazeera Airways?
What Jazeera Airways did in 2007 was phenomenal.  By end of 2007 we launched our second hub in Dubai and 25 non-stop routes; that is 25 routes in two years.

In the first half of 2007, Kuwait Airport realised a 20 per cent surge in traffic, 14 per cent of which was Jazeera Airways’ contribution.

What are the company’s plans for 2008?
In 2008 we will work to add more non-stop routes to hubs in Kuwait and Dubai in addition to more frequencies on existing routes.
Today, we are the fastest growing airline in the Middle East and we are geared up for more growth over the coming years as we take delivery of the 40 Airbus A320s that we ordered last summer at the Paris Air.
Looking ahead, by the end of 2010 we would have been flying for five years. We plan to be operating out of three hubs by then, bringing more low fares to more cities in the Middle East.

What is the company’s strategy in the face of competition? 
We do not operate in the same markets as for example, Air Arabia and Sama Airlines. There is definitely room for growth for us in the Kuwait market and of course in the Dubai market.

What can travellers look forward to in the New Year?
Our vision is to be the airline of choice for travel within the region, point to point to all cities and from all cities. We currently fly to three destinations in Iran and four in Egypt, so it is important we strengthen these existing ones, but our goal is, if there’s a city in the region with an airport, then we want to fly there from Dubai, Kuwait and future hubs.
We plan to develop a holidays division but with a twist. Our goal would be to sell packages for weekenders, short trips, and quick escapes rather than long honeymoons and long summer vacations.  Again, we would be creating our own “holidays” market within this holiday division.