New Hyatt in Jeddah, Istanbul and Doha

Brand: Hyatt International Spokesperson: Thierry Bertin, area director of marketing, Middle East

How has 2007 fared for the Hyatt International?
Our occupancies in the region grew up by an average of 11 per cent and the average rates by an average of 16 per cent. Egypt and Dubai were particularly strong. We also saw the launch of a new Hyatt brand Andaz.

The Hyatt Regency Casablanca was recently refurbished, and is rapidly becoming one of the leading hotels in Morocco.

What are the company’s plans for 2008?
This year will see the launch of the Grand Hyatt Doha with its 249 rooms, plus the Park Hyatt in Jeddah offering 125 rooms.
Also in Turkey the Park Hyatt Istanbul offering 90 rooms will be opened. Turkey has always been a favourite destination for Middle East Travellers. With Istanbul being one of the most popular cities in the world and located a short distance away from the Middle East, it is the perfect holiday destination for GCC visitors.

Is Hyatt bullish about 2008? If yes, why?
Yes because of our healthy regional economies and new openings.

What can guests look forward to in the New Year?
The opening of the three Hyatt hotels in Istanbul, Doha and Jeddah.

What will be the biggest challenges facing you in the Middle East in 2008?