India expects 15 per cent more visitors in 2008


India is expecting the final 2007 figure for tourist arrivals from the Middle East to reach 65,000, according to K.L. Das, regional director (West Asia and Africa), India Tourism, Dubai office.

This number is expected to increase about 15 per cent to 75,000 tourists in 2008.
This will most likely be achieved through campaigns highlighting medical and rural tourism. International standard medical facilities at lower prices are available in India, so tour operators there are offering attractive medical tourism packages combined with exotic holiday tours. Also being promoted are rural tours, where visitors can witness the real India by meeting and mingling with local village people.
It is the variety of attractions in India that appeal to ME travellers, including its natural beauty, adventure activities, monuments and temples (the Taj Mahal at Agra in particular), wildlife, as well as shopping.
India Tourism, Dubai, supports travel agents and tour operators marketing India by offering brochures, road shows, tourism work shops and familiarisation tours.