Romance or family?


The Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg is well known for its romantic valley meadows, ravines, mills and farms, and its cuckoo clocks.

But this state, which is also home to Lake Constance, the Tauber Valley or the Swabian Mountains, and the cities of Heidelberg, Baden-Baden and Stuttgart, has a lot to offer on the winter sports front.
Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are traditional around the Feldberg (1,493m), the highest mountain in the Black Forest, and at various other locations in the southern and northern Black Forest.
Against the panoramic backdrop of the Alps, Lake Constance exudes a cheerful Southern atmosphere. The most popular
 destination on the “Swabian Sea” is the ‘flower island’ of Mainau, seat of the Bernadotte family.
The rugged Swabian Mountains, limestone hills in the East of Baden-Württemberg, are striking. The ever-changing landscape is full of romantic little towns, juniper groves and beech forests, and dominated by numerous caves, castles, ruins and palaces.
But it also has something for families. A total of 20 villages in this southern state of Germany have teamed up to offer various supervised activities for children, allowing parents the freedom to enjoy time alone. Young family members can play in the hay, go on treasure hunts, tinker with handicrafts and participate in other special activities, while parents relax or go sightseeing.
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