Dubai is ‘making right tourism moves’


Dubai is making the right moves to ensure that its tourism and hospitality sector has a long life, an expert said.

Skal International president, Litsa Papathanassi, was speaking in connection with her visit last month to the emirate, where she addressed the Dubai chapter of Skهl, the international organisation of tourism leaders.
“International media tells us about Dubai and the large, but seemingly well-placed investment in tourism infrastructure by government and commercial investors. I am encouraged to note that this investment is both broad and deep,” she said.
“Broad in as much as it seems to take into account accommodation, entertainment, sports and transportation, and by deep I mean that it appears that quality is a key consideration, with both a high-end product offer and product build.”
Papathanassi will continue the theme of ‘sustainable development in tourism’ when she leads a 500-strong gathering of Skهl members, worldwide, at the Turkish Riviera resort of Antalya later this year.
Chris Anns, vice president of the Dubai chapter will represent the emirate at the 68 Skهl World Congress.
In Dubai, Papathanassi was accompanied by Asian Area Skهl president, Earl Wieman.