Healing touch at Kempinksi

The Softouch way to a healthy life.

The Softouch Ayurvedic Centre opened at the Ajman Kempinski Hotel & Resort last month, offering the full range of treatments of the oldest healing tradition known to man from India.

Softouch has been in the health care service for the last 12 years working in association with a traditional family that has an Ayurvedic tradition of 135 years.

An Ayurvedic therapy is strictly personalised and the exact treatment and medicines are recommended after a detailed doctor's examination.

Dr Shyam from Kerala, who has been in charge of Softouch centres in India for the last 16 years, will head the centre at Ajman Kempinski. Dr Shyam is also qualified to teach classes and has students running their own centres in Germany and the US§.

The Ayurvedic Centre at the Ajman Kempinski will offer a wide range of treatments and massages for mental and physical well being - treating symptoms from headaches and joint pains, improving the blood circulation, purifying the body and cleansing the channels of circulation.

The centre also offers package treatments including "Aging and Rejuvenation", "Aphrodisiac Treatment", "Slim and Beautiful", "Skin Care" and "Mental Wellbeing".

Besides the new Ayurvedic centre, the recently re-developed and expanded Polly Hillbrunner's Beauty Spa at the hotel offers a wide range of treatments to beautify and regenerate the guests.

In the beauty section, the spa offers six types of facials, as well as peeling, firming and facelifting treatments.

Those wishing to lose weight in a pleasant way can choose among Aroma-Thermo Pack, Marine Pack or Interference Massage, which also combat cellulite.

Regeneration and anti-stress treatments include flower essence body pack, body relax, therapeutic and reflexonia massages. The spa has a choice of Far Eastern treatments offering Asian, Thai and Loomi-Loomi massage.