DAEX offers new perspective on maximizing revenue


As part of their commitment to bringing the latest technology to the hotel sector, Mercator, part of the Emirates Group IT Division, recently held a workshop to showcase DAEX – the world's first web service providing real-time availability and confirmation to users.

The DAEX solution will enable the hospitality sector to better manage and maximize their revenue using the most up-to-date web based tool. DAEX is an evolutionary web service allowing hotels to automate the management of their allocations from their property management system (PMS) directly with tour operators, corporates and wholesalers based on real time availability. DAEX has proven it can save hoteliers up to 23 per cent on the total cost of processing reservations, while enabling tour operators and wholesalers to deliver enhanced customer service.
The event was aimed at addressing the essentials needed for a property to maximize its revenue through the various distribution channels it employs today. The workshop also provided an ideal opportunity for 15 revenue mangers representing different regional and global hotel chains operating in Dubai to participate in an interactive discussion on the challenges of revenue management in Dubai's market. Through detailed demonstrations they were shown how the DAEX system can support their channel management, improve the performance of the revenue system, and be a new tool for online marketing.
DAEX was designed by Mercator – one of the global aviation industry's leading IT solutions suppliers, and developed jointly with Micros-Fidelio, the hospitality industry's leading provider of integrated software solutions – which caters to 99.7 per cent of all five-star and 60.2 per cent of all four-star hotel property management systems in Dubai.