MTA in $9m tourism campaign


The Malta Tourism Authority has restructured its marketing department and increased cooperation with its main tour operators in a bid to attract more tourists.

The MTA is also in the process of appointing an international advertising agency and would be spending $9.3 million to promote the island more effectively. It is participating in joint promotions with the national carrier Air Malta and tour operators at a cost of $6.2 million.
“We have stepped up our advertising campaigns after the launch of several low cost airlines from European destinations,” said Samuel Mifsud, chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority. “Last year tourist arrivals declined four per cent but since the launch of new initiatives, including a re-engineered website encouraging tourists to directly book flights and accommodation, we have seen a substantial increase in numbers and are looking at a good summer this year”, he said.
Its branding campaign, focusing on three core values Heritage, Diversity and Hospitality, has also been successful in launching the island.
Tourism is one of the Malta's main industries. It supports 27 per cent of the total employment amounting to more than 41,000 jobs. It accounts for 24 per cent of the GDP and over 25 per cent of the exports of goods and services. Over one million tourists visit the island each year.