The green way forward for Millennium Abu Dhabi

Kandil advocates the three green Rs

THE Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi is making a strong environmental impact, according to the hotel’s general manager.

Moine Kandil says his mission is to turn the hotel into a green, environmentally friendly property and to instil in the minds of his team members the importance of protecting the environment, “so that taking care of it becomes a way of life”.
“Awareness of the environment starts with small things in our lives,” he says. “It is very important for everyone to demonstrate full responsibility towards preserving and protecting our one only planet via a clearly defined commitment for a greener future. Changes need to start from deep within us as human beings before we proceed to societal level. And we must always recall that the environmental protection is everyone's concern and each one of us can make a difference.”
To that end, the hotel has laid out an action plan to be undertaken on various fronts by the Millennium management and staff to address every environmental issue and concern, and spread awareness of the three Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle.
Numerous projects have been set down, many of which have been already implemented with various initiatives taken to realize and emphasize the importance of environmental protection.
Intensified cleaning campaigns were headed by the management of the hotel, both inside the property and outside.
These cleaning campaigns are public presentation initiating interest of people that ought to find cost effective means of reducing waste and thus changing their old habits and negative attitudes.
The Millennium Hotel has also initiated the conservation of energy and water and the reduction of waste as well as promoting the use of eco-friendly material, cutting back on products that destroy the environment and demarcating non-smoking areas. “Many of these can be incorporated without difficulty in order to become an inspiration to all people committed to environmentally sustainable tourism,” says Kandil. “We must not wait until huge damage is done to the environment, where we go beyond the point of no return but we can all work hand in hand to quickly engender the spirit of importance of saving our one and only planet.”
The hotel was opened in 2002 and rises 16 floors with 325 luxurious rooms and suites. It is situated along the famous Corniche stretch, in the centre of Abu Dhabi and features breathtaking views of the garden city and the Arabian Gulf’s sparkling turquoise waters. Facilities include meetings and events choices, a diverse range of culinary options and a health and fitness club.