New products and world premieres mark show’s cutting edge

LeLievre desginer Lemoine with his Murano tie-backs

IN its seventh year, with over 700 hotel industry suppliers, the Hotel Show offered an eyeful of what the region’s hotels will look like in a few years.

At the event were products that will impact the entire guest experience from the moment the guest walks in the door to when he checks out, whether in terms of automated drapes that can respond to touch (Forest BV) or in terms of how the guest works out (Sports Village).
KSI Electronics launched for the first time anywhere in the world a new departure in table-top lighting: thanks to the very latest in rechargeable, battery-powered lamps with LED technology, the lighting concept and colour scheme of a bar or restaurant can be followed through to every table’s décor.
French editeur Nobilis chose the show to make an international statement, premiering its range of contract hotel collections three months ahead of its normal showing in September. Expect a lot of aqua colours, some gold, very soft fabrics and nothing very extreme –  all of which can be teamed with matching wallpaper, says company representative Patrick Feildel, adding that two days at the show left him more than satisfied.
Serving up a new line of visually appealing and texturally pleasing silk and cotton blends specially created for the hospitality market are Rubelli and Sahco, reputed creators of top grade avant-garde and trendy as well as classic fabrics. Also sure to find favour here in the region is the Möve line of Swarovski terry over at German stall Anita Luise.
Meanwhile, Onity’s HT Prox Lock, with radio frequency technology, communicates with the keys through an embedded chip and antenna – and can even come fitted with Braille letters.