In the sky, it’s football on your plate!

The Lufthansa football nose

LIKE everyone else, it seems, Lufthansa’s caught football fever.

It’s football nose is a common sight around the world, but the airline’s now putting the game on a plate, and passengers on the airline before and during the World Cup will be able to savour delicacies created by selected ‘football chefs’.
On long-haul flights the cooking football team will be led by the Italian star chef Saverio Pugliese, the official chef for the German national team during the month-long event.
As of May the chef of the restaurant Alter Haferkasten in Neu-Isenburg has been spoiling the palates of Lufthansa passengers on board. In First class, among other things, Aqua Pazza of grouper fish in a tomato ragout simmered with spring onions and wild rice, will be served. Guests in the Business class, can look forward to orecchiette with pesto sauce, shiitake mushrooms and broccoli.
For the German and European flights, the ‘culinary team sheet’ will include the names of Martin Öxle, Ralf Zacherl and Johann Lafer from the ‘German football team of top chefs and restaurant owners’. The club, founded by star chefs, hoteliers, sommeliers and restaurant owners, devotes itself to the objective of supporting charitable organizations and making the German leading restaurants better known beyond Germany’s borders. This is a new feature on Lufthansa’s short-haul flights.