RayaJet marks a year of executive services


AMMAN-BASED RayaJet completed one year of operations last month.

Launched in April 2005 with the vision of being a world-class leading executive jet charter enterprise, aiming to serve its customers with innovative flights. “Our vision is to liberate the airline services in anytime and to anyplace,” says a spokesman. The company has targeted a rapid expansion in the region and is pursuing a controlled marketing expansion strategy in the Arab world, Middle East and Europe.
“RayaJet has built its reputation by being one of the private jet charters to offer unexpected comforts and amenities. We are able to compete at a superior level due to exceptional understanding of our customers needs,” says the spokesman. “We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed their expectations. That is why you should look closely at the company behind the aircraft as at the aircraft itself.”
RayaJet provides a offers luxurious, extensive and growing air suite of high-performance, comfortable travel, superior comfort, privacy, customized needs, and flexible timing.
“Because the number of missions we fly continuous to increase steadily, we expended our operation team and they will take care of special requirement such as hotel or restaurant reservation, chauffeur driven limousine, secretarial assistant,” says the spokesman. “Our aviation management programs include medical evacuation services, priority valuable cargo, brokerage and leasing of aircraft, and management of private aircraft.” Through its associated companies around the world, RayaJet is able to provide access to a truly global aviation network.
“Changes to meeting schedules and consequently flight arrangements, can be made ‘on the fly’, with executive safety and securely protected information at all times. Our expert staff are available to provide cost-effective quotations and to make all the necessary arrangements for charters; including pilot briefing, flight planning, securing clearances, permits and visas,” he says. Land arrangements, including car hire, chauffeur service, accommodation, secretarial and boardroom services are also available.