Project Watch

Much of Jordan’s tourism centres around new projects. While details on three new projects are awaited, TTN takes a quick look at the three developments on everyone’s lips.

Ayla Oasis
A project undertaken by the Ayla Oasis Development Co, it is built around a series of man-made lagoons and water canals and will host five upmarket hotels with around 1540 rooms, some 3000 residential units, an 18-hole signature golf course, a 9-hole golf academy, and a town centre encompassing a marina, retail units, cafés, entertainment and recreational facilities.

The total area of the site is around 430 hectares with a 250-hectare sea frontage on the Gulf of Aqaba. The community created will be a place for Jordanians and international tourists to relax, vacation, attend meetings and conduct business. The residential areas development in this new part of Aqaba are being billed as being among the most desirable places to live.
The project has an overall cost of around $1 billion and will generate an estimated 40,000 jobs.
With the cooperation with Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA), the Ayla Oasis offers a wide range of investment opportunities for developers and individuals in hotels, residential communities, commercial and recreational outlets including an aqua park, water sports facilities, golf courses and others.

Saraya Aqaba
Saraya Aqaba is a large scale real estate tourism project representing a co-operation between both the public and private sectors expected to be ready in 2009. It is a luxury city-within-a-city to be built around a man-made lagoon.
With an estimated budget in excess of $600 million, the resort will occupy a space of 61 hectares and aims at developing and expanding the Aqaba beachfront as well as enhancing the physical, economical and social wellbeing of Jordan’s southern region.
Saraya Aqaba will offer a resort with a variety of five-star hotels, a contemporary shopping district, lavish residences and enriching arts venues, modern offices and apartments, all set within a rich and textured environment. Dubai hospitality group Jumeirah will manage the luxury hotels and theme park within the development.
The company has also announced its new project Saraya Dead Sea on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Tala Bay
Tala Bay is a project located approximately 14km south of Aqaba. The site is approximately 267 hectares in area, including a major stretch of beach. It has two major residential areas in addition to the marina town, one surrounding the golf courses with three different types of villas and apartments and the other a major unit with apartments of different sizes. The project includes a marina, a golf course, a beach club in the marina town, several food and beverage outlets with three-, four- and five-star hotels with around 2500 rooms of different sizes.