All clear over Casablanca


ROYAL Air Maroc is set for a major thrust into the European markets following an air transport liberalization deal with the European Union signed last December.

The agreement is expected to come into force in 2006, making Morocco is the first non-European country to conclude such a global air transport agreement with the EU. This is in line with its Vision 2010 objective of attracting 10 million tourists per year by 2010, since studies have shown that about two-thirds of arrivals are tourists. The deal also serves its broader objective of a Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area.
The open skies agreement means Moroccan air carriers will be able to fly to and transit from any of the airports in Europe, while reciprocally, all Moroccan international airports will be open to European carriers. The agreement is expected to significantly impact Royal Air Maroc’s lucrative Paris-Casablanca and Paris-Marrakech lines.