Thinking out of the box

Brand: EgyptAir

IN the three years since EgyptAir was restructured into a holding company overseeing seven affiliated companies, each with its own separate management, the group has seen numerous improvements in terms of performance and efficiency, says Atef Abdel Hamid Mostafa, chairman of the EgyptAir Holding Company.

The airline has seen improved performance is improving in line with its reform plan, despite several of the reform measures being complied with in reluctance. Improvements in customer service teamed with the efficient management of pricing and capacity availability will make EgyptAir more competitive and, over time, profitable, says a spokesman.
The company’s management policies have been comprehensively reviewed, with some lateral thinking applied to old problems. To deal with the problem of over-employment, the company adopted a policy that aims at establishing new lines of business to absorb part of the surplus human resources after providing them the requisite training whilst simultaneously improving the skills of workers for its core lines of business. An example of such a new line of business is the production of plastic products used in packaging catering meals.
The company has also been working to project a new image for EgyptAir, mainly by bettering interaction with the customer and enhancing his satisfaction. Special attention has been given to cabin attendants and on translating customer feedback into actions and plans.
A new call centre is in the works, online bookings are to be made available and several steps have been taken to improve the quality of service. Having taken delivery of the first two of seven Airbus A330-200s on order as part of its fleet expansion plan, the company’s route network expansion plans will focus on the Middle East and African markets.