Singapore woos tourists with year-round events

Singaporeans have reason to celebrate all the time

Singapore is a city of signature events – celebrations and festivals of food, art, fashion and even age-old customs.

These bold combinations of old and new traditions showcase and celebrate the distinct cultures of Singapore, its passion for life and unique flair, delighting visitors from around the world.
Visitors have traditionally been drawn to Singapore because of its unmatched opportunities for shopping and its world-class attractions. However, the country also plays host to a unique range of cultural, sporting and entertainment events.
Following on from the excitement of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2005, the official celebration of the 40th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, Singapore is set to continue its celebration theme long into the winter months. With events planned for all age groups in mind, there is something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.
September signalled the start of the annual Light Up calendar, commencing with the Mid-Autumn Festival. A time for celebrating harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the eighth month of the lunar calendar. The festival was brought to life at Chinatown with festive street light-ups and bazaar stalls selling mooncakes and festive goodies. Over the Chinese Garden, huge themed lanterns dotted the gardenscape. This year, the Chinese Garden is marking its 30th Lantern Festival with the biggest-ever display of lights and colour.
Audiences looking for a more exciting live experience can catch Quidam by Cirque du Soleil, which runs during the autumn months in Singapore. The show, quoted by Time Magazine as a show ‘so extraordinary it makes the impossible come true’, is presented in the elegant splendours of Cirques du Soleil’s new blue and yellow striped Grand Chapiteau (Big Top). Quidam has already wowed six million people around the world and is set to add to its fans in Singapore.
For sports lovers, the UIM F1 Powerboat World Championship is set to entertain the thrill-seekers amongst the visitors to Singapore. This year, Singapore plays host to a ten-day event featuring F1 Powerboat match races, FMX stunt shows and motocross.
The Festival of Lights, or Deepavali, marks the start of the New Year for Hindus. During this time of rejoicing and renewal, Little India is transformed into an explosion of colours and lights with the Deepavali Light-Up. And no visit to Singapore will be complete without a trip to Little India during this time. You’ll be enthralled by the aromatic array of spices, flowers, sweets and scents in this thriving ethnic area.
A special date on the Islamic calendar is the Hari Raya Puasa, which signifies the end of Ramadan. In the 44 days leading up to this day, Geyland Serai is transformed into a bustling market. At the annual Hari-Raya Light-Up and bazaar, be sure to pick up fantastic bargains.
For an unforgettable Christmas, nothing quite beats a tropical Christmas in Singapore. Every year, Singapore celebrates Christmas with the most spectacular and longest light-up in the world. Experience the splendour of Christmas in the Tropics as you stroll down Orchard Road, Singapore’s renowned shopping belt and visit major shopping malls. Besides the light-up, the whole city is in a celebratory mood with concerts, events and parties.  For those who want to party, international DJs, live bands, mega dance parties are set to entertain the crowds.
“We have such an exciting array of events all year round, but particularly in the coming months we have several signature events which will appeal to everyone – from the dazzling light-ups to the cultural festivals, visitors are guaranteed to be entertained every hour of their stay in Singapore,” said Alan Tan, area director, Middle East and Africa, Singapore Tourism Board.