BBG Hotels & Resorts Management redefines spirit of hospitality

Murad ... optimistic

BBG Hotels & Resorts Management is the newest addition to the Bin Bandooq Group (BBG), a UAE establishment that was formed in 1994.

The BBG Hotels and Resorts Management consisting of three main properties Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel & Resort, Al Sharia Hotel and Al Jazira Club Hotel – specialises in hospitality service throughout the UAE and around the world.
BBG Hotel Management’s premiere property, Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel & Resort, had been taken over by the management in October 2001.  A truly unique attribute of the property is the 7km channel that brings the sea to the hotel. As part of the exercise to further improve Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel & Resort, the property has undergone complete renovation of its 170 rooms and public areas.
BBG Hotel Management had also taken over the management of Al Sharia Hotel in Rahba City, which is conveniently located on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Highway. The hotel has one of the largest banquet rooms in Abu Dhabi and is a popular venue for weddings and other events.
The latest and youngest property operated by the management is the famous sports club in Abu Dhabi, Al Jazira Club Hotel. It is the place where a number of sporting events are being held.
A spirit of hospitality – focusing on guest service and satisfaction, understanding business relationship and ownership and exceeding customer expectation – is what BBG Hotels & Resorts Management emphasises and what it truly stands for, said Haitham H Murad of BBG Hotels & Resort Management.