Singapore-based company to attract more tourists


Tourism marketing as we know it today is dead,” says Jerome Fontaine, chief executive officer of the Fournaise Marketing Group based in Singapore.

Today’s tourists are increasingly more knowledgeable and sophisticated, therefore, much more demanding. It is getting extremely difficult to attract these tourist dollars to your country, your airline, your resort, your hotel or simply your restaurant. Why?
• Because the globalisation phenomenon has created a hyper-competitive market where there is hardly any difference between the value proposition and market positioning of countries, hotels, resorts and other tourism-related businesses.
In other words, if your country is an island, there is a high chance it is positioned as a paradise and promoted as such in TV and print advertising with golden sand beaches, fresh delectable seafood, crystal clear water with exotic marine life. The question is: why would say a European tourist family of four visit and spend money in your “paradise” island and not the one next door? Is there only one form of paradise? What makes “your” paradise better than your neighbour’s?
• Because the traditional strategies of the past are no longer effective today. Many National Tourist Organisations and tourism-related companies (with the exception of a few) are at a loss what to do next. They use a “machine-gun approach”, trying anything and everything in the hope that one of the strategies would pay off with the desired bottom line results (ie profits).
Wastage rate? Very high. Success rate? Highly debatable.
International Global Executive SeriesTraining Course
The Fournaise Marketing Group is delivering an international Global Executive Series Training Course entitled Bottom Line Marketing to Boost the Tourism Industry in Singapore for travel and tourism professionals from around the world to help them understand that the tourism problem is now a marketing problem, and to learn how to apply Bottom Line Marketing to attract more travellers, more customers, more business.
Fontaine explains: “Few professionals in the travel and tourism industry know how to apply Bottom Line Marketing to generate results and profits for the company. This international training course will train participants to understand the new strategic and tactical roles of Bottom Line Marketing and guide them to apply the strategies that will bring more tourism receipts.”
Any professional in the travel and tourism industry facing questions including the below-mentioned ones is in a position to benefit most from this training course:
• How do I make more travellers come to my country instead of the neighbouring countries?
• How do I make customers stay at my hotel/resort and not the one next door?
• How do I attract more visitors to the theme park I manage?

“Mini-MBA” Model
Delivered by two world-class master trainers (one of the references in Sustainable Tourism and one of the gurus in Bottom Line Marketing), the intensive two-day training course is designed and conducted using a “Mini-MBA” model including theory, case studies, exercises and interactive sessions. This training course will be a highly interactive one giving participants the opportunity to understand how theory is being put to practice and to subsequently undertake group and individual exercises to apply what they have learnt to various business scenarios.

World-Class Case Studies
The master trainers will use more than ten international case studies to analyse the different aspects of the relationship between Tourism and Bottom Line Marketing at both a macro, country-wide level, and a micro, business-focused point of view. Case studies will include Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean destinations such as Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Phuket (Thailand), Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion Island; and resorts, hotels and entertainment such as the Singapore Zoo, Club Med, the integrated resort of Atlantis in Paradise Island (Bahamas), the French ski resorts of Courchevel and Val d’Isère and the fast-growing Banyan Tree group of hotels.

About the Fournaise Marketing Group
The Fournaise Marketing Group is one of Asia’s leading marketing organisations well known for making marketing dollars work harder to generate more revenue and profits.
In addition to its highly-rated proprietary Global Executive Series Training Courses, the main focus of the company is to develop and implement result-driven bottom line marketing strategies for its clients. They include multinational corporations, large enterprises and small and medium enterprises across Asia Pacific in several vertical industries including education, fast-moving consumer goods, information technology, retail, telecommunications and banking.

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