JPTD introduces comprehensive resorts

Talay Bay project

Jordan Projects for Tourism Development (JPTD) was established in October 2000 by a group of anchor investors. It maintains headquarters in Amman and offices in Aqaba.

JPTD is 80 per cent Jordanian and has been available as a public shareholding company – it is listed in the Amman Stock Exchange. This co-operative alliance is based on the shareholders’ vision of introducing the concept of comprehensive resorts to Jordan.
JPTD is expected to derive significant marketing, technical and financial advantages from its prominent shareholder base, which consists of companies with highly-successful track records in a variety of industries. In mid-July 2001, JPTD took over the Royal Diving Club (RDC), which includes state-of-the-art diving facilities and provides convenient accommodation for its visitors. However, its largest venture in Jordan is Tala Bay, the country’s first integrated resort and residential community overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea.
The site is part of the Aqaba Marine Park and is approximately 2,670,000 sq m in area including a 2km stretch of beach and is subdivided by a series of sand hills and valleys. The master plan for the resort, which was completed by the American master planners firm Ellerbe Becket, was finalised in the latter part of 2000.
Tala Bay has its own complete infrastructure, providing the various hotels and residences with roads, electricity, water, communications and other utilities. All the attractions at Tala Bay are developed in a distinguished architectural style, which blends the local and regional architecture into a modern atmosphere. It consists of many attractions, providing its residents and visitors with a wide selection of activities.
These attractions include the Marina Town & Marina, which are the main hub of the resort and the first phase of the project is due to open this year. It will consist of a marina, residences, hotels, leisure facilities, restaurants, cafes and shopping area.
The master plan for Tala Bay includes five-, four- and three-star hotels, which offer accommodation in 2,500 different types of rooms. The sports and leisure facilities include a golf course, aqua / amusement park for all the family’s entertainment and a Beach Club in the Marina Town with a fully-equipped fitness centre, swimming pools, tennis courts and other popular activities.
There are two major residential areas (in addition to the Marina Town) totalling 1,000 units. One surrounding the Golf Course and consisting of three different types of villas and apartments. The other is a major unit that is mostly apartments of different sizes. Support community services among the residential areas include supermarkets, grocery stores, laundry and bakery, among others.
The staff housing area provides its residents with an entire range of services, making it a community that will be more or less self-sufficient. A separate utility area will be dedicated for heavy-duty handicrafts and other support and maintenance services.
Retaining the natural beauty of the landscape several areas will be left undeveloped, mostly in the hills. Visitors can go hiking or simply enjoy the quiet and beautiful views of the Gulf of Aqaba.