Refad Hotels to add five new properties


Refad Hotels & Resorts is one of the most aggressive new hotel chains giving hotel owners a worldwide exposure, reservations and effective management enhancing the profitability of its hotels through its management team that encompasses the most seasoned hotel managers worldwide, each possessing many years of experience.

Refad Hotels owns, manages, franchises, and finances hotel properties throughout the world through its luxury hotel categories under any of the five innovative brands owned by Refad, The Monarch, Refad Resorts, The Square, The Four Stars and The Rester.
Refad Hotels offers hotel owners assistance in feasibility studies, project technical assistance, project managements and leases. Refad’s brands have access to the most sophisticated reservation systems that guarantees guests a luxurious accommodation, excellent services, and latest technology in the hotel industry and the chain is proud of its four properties in operation which were opened last year:.
“Refad Hotels’ main goal for this year is to add no less than five new properties to its portfolio by offering a reduced fee structure to hotel owners joining the chain, Germany, Beirut and Kuwait,” said Antoine Yazbek, president, Refad Hotels & Resorts.