Feel like a queen at Cleopatra


The uniqueness of Cleopatra’s Spa relies in its magical Egyptian-styled ambience, and its high-quality treatment, which in combination makes the largest and most enchanting day-spa in Dubai.

Drawing inspiration from the style and elegance of the legendary ancient Egyptian queen of the same name, Cleopatra’s Spa captures the wonders of Arabia presenting them in a superbly luxurious spa experience. As the largest day spa in the UAE, it is renowned for its outstanding service, luxurious settings and wide selection of international treatments designed to accommodate every need.
Its signature treatment is the Royal Javanese Treatment, designed in Indonesia. The treatment will turn your skin to velvet and provide the most indulgent therapy you can imagine. Originally designed for brides to soften and lighten the skin, 120 minutes of massage, traditional Indonesian exfoliation, beautifully scented oils and a milk bath anointed with Frangipani perfumes is to make you feel like royalty.