Miles & More maintains loyalty to its customers

Lufthansa crew ... quality service

Lufthansa Miles & More, one of the most comprehensive frequent-flyer programmes that offers Lufthansa customers the opportunity to redeem miles for free flights and upgrades worldwide, continues to offer better rewards for its approximately 11 million members.

Number of miles earned now corresponds more closely to the ticket value. The quality of services enjoyed by frequent travellers and senators continues to be effective and efficient, in terms of the huge variety of ways in which miles are earned and the extensive range of awards. And, of course, passengers still earn miles on all Lufthansa fares.
“We consistently thrive to combine the programme’s established benefits with new elements in order to achieve a stronger differentiation and thus make Miles & More even more competitive. We hope our frequent flyers are happy with the better-value awards. The mileage accrual is now based more strongly on the actual value of the ticket, in order to offer a greater degree of fairness,” explains Uwe Wriedt, general manager, passenger sales UAE and director Gulf, Iran and Pakistan, Lufthansa German Airlines.
The introduction of set mileage value now offers a greater overall transparency for miles earned within Europe. In Business Class, passengers keep earning 1,500 miles for domestic and 2,000 miles for international flights. In Economy Class, a greater differentiation means that passengers earn more miles with the most flexible tickets than with discounted tickets offered in this class. Economy Class passengers now earn between 125 and 1,250 miles.
Miles & More offers worldwide travelling passengers with most flexible Economy Class and Business or First Class tickets special benefits when compared with competitor programmes. As before, Business Class passengers earn double the miles, First Class passengers earn triple. Passengers who buy the most flexible Economy Class fares now earn 50 per cent more miles. Senators and Frequent Travellers continue to receive an Executive Bonus of 25 per cent more miles. This applies to flights with Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti, Air One, the Austrian Airlines Group, LOT Polish Airlines and United Airlines. The bonus is currently calculated according to the distance flown or, in Europe, according to the set mileage values.
The number of miles required for Fly Smart flight awards, which may be booked at short notice, is reduced by 20 per cent worldwide, while the number of miles required for regular intercontinental flight awards is reduced by up to 20,000 miles – meaning that Miles & More members can now travel to their dream destination even sooner. Passengers booking Fly Smart awards within Europe are able to choose between Economy and Business Class. Fly Smart tickets are now only available online. As before, booking online reduces the cost of all other flight awards by 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 miles (for domestic, European or intercontinental flights).
As with mileage accrual, the number of miles for upgrades are now based on the fare paid. The mileage amounts required for upgrades in Business Class when holding a most flexible Economy Class ticket remains unchanged. For all other upgrades, more miles are required. It is no longer possible to upgrade from the most discounted Economy Class fares.