NAS provides quality service at Kuwait airport


Amid tremendous all-round growth, Kuwait International Airport (KIA) stands out as one of the most distinguished development projects in the country.

Aiming at achieving operational excellence and efficiency, the airport expansion was put into action in order to provide the high quality service to passengers.
The opening of the KD18 million ($60 million) expansion of the passenger terminal (phase I), which included a spacious new commercial centre and extensive car parking facilities, was an indication of the remarkable aspiration for operational efficiency. But that’s not all. The development at KIA was taken further in Phase II, expanding the Departure Hall, adding several fully-automated check-in positions bringing the total to 100, new baggage handling systems and a range of new facilities.
Due to the rapid growth and development of the airport, there was need for a one-stop-shop passenger/travel service centre, which is provided by National Aviation Services (NAS). The latest arrival at KIA, NAS is designed to accommodate such growth and offers a host of essential, innovative and value-added services to its customers, ranging from ground handling and cargo services to commercial services.
NAS services are complemented with highly qualified and professional staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aviation industry, customer safety and care. It is geared to set high standards of service through its state-of-the-art ground-handling infrastructure. NAS takes care of its customers from the moment they walk in to the second they depart, and vise-versa. A conglomerate of passenger/ travel services has emerged when NAS came up with the ‘Hala Kuwait’ concept. This unique concept includes a bouquet of personalised and distinguished services, which is primarily designed to provide comfort and convenience for every customer. Hala Kuwait services offer the maximum benefit to all passengers, ranging from top VIPs to commercially important persons (CIPs), ensuring that every passenger’s need is met and well-served.
One of the fine demonstrations of elegance, luxury, and comfort offered by NAS is the Pearl Lounge. It is located in the Departure Hall of KIA with a carrying capacity of 140 passengers and consists of different facilities including, a fully-equipped business centre, a comfortable seating area with satellite TV, DVD, VCD, CD & SACD, and hi-fi, shower facilities, five-star food court and service bar, wireless internet connection throughout the lounge, separate smoking area, relaxation room, Kid’s Zone and 24/7 service. Clearly, the Pearl Lounge is the pride of NAS.
NAS is striving to be a trendsetter with its high value service and luxurious facilities at KIA. Customer satisfaction and “total Commitment towards Quality” is what NAS is all about.