Air Arabia trains new cabin crew

Air Arabia’s fifth group of cabin crew with Ali

AS part of their continuous expansion, Air Arabia recently completed the training of its fifth group of cabin crew.

The group of 15 were also the first to be trained in-house as Air Arabia recently received its certification to conduct their own training for aircraft familiarisation, first aid, general procedures, in-flight emergencies and service techniques.
Captain Mohamed Ahmed, Air Arabia’s director of operations, remarked, “This is a huge development for Air Arabia as we can now conduct all training sessions in-house and apply first hand knowledge of the airline and its values from day one. We are amazed at the number of applications we receive every week for Air Arabia cabin crew and are now able to process everything from the actual recruitment to the final training ourselves.”
Air Arabia’s fifth group of cabin crew is a testament to the international environment of the company; the group of 15 consists of 12 different nationalities with 11 different spoken languages between them. Whether a passenger is from the Middle East, France, India, Iran, the Philippines, Russia or South Africa, Air Arabia has a crew member that can speak their native language, while the diversity of the crew’s background will benefit the Air Arabia passenger by providing excellent service garnered in different industry backgrounds and customer service environments.
“As the number of our destinations continues to increase as well as our fleet of aircraft, this ability to train our cabin crew in-house becomes more and more important,” said Adel Ali, Air Arabia’s CEO. “Not only do we ensure that cabin crew undergo intensive training in all safety aspects, but with the training by Air Arabia staff it gives meaning to hands-on experience – cabin crew get a real taste of the ultimate Air Arabia experience.”